Blog Post 4: Best Workout Month (Jan 2018) and 2-2-2 Routine

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Letter Transcript

I have just reviewed all my 42 workouts in January 2018 and am really stoked. This is the best month ever in my life in terms of consistency and quality of my exercise regime. I really like the current setup as it is easy to remember and hence easy to make it a routine/habit. I came up with this “2-2-2” program/routine so that I can be more well rounded in my fitness. Basically, this is what I do on a weekly basis:

  • 2x Run: 1 speedwork, 1 long run
  • 2x Strength: I’ve now hired Rachel Harling from UFIT
  • 2x Flexibility: 1 pilates with Margarida, 1 yoga or stretch work on my own

For the runs, I am using the coaching plan from Nike Run Club and it has been programmed for the upcoming 2XU race (21km) in April 2018. I like that it incorporate speedwork. As I don’t live near a running track, I have been running speedwork at the gym’s treadmill. It’s pretty good because I can run at a consistent pace. For flexibility exercises, I use Yoga Studio app. It is easy to follow, has a great variety of pre-built blocks and I can also create my own preferred blocks. Adrian has started using the app and he really likes it. This week, I’ve also paid US$95 for the “Focused Flexibility” course from GMB Fitness. The online videos are easy to follow and they can be downloaded.

On strength training, I have been working out using either the Nike Training Club app or the workouts from “Quick Strength for Runners” book. In Jan 2018, I’ve been able to consistently workout using these resources. However, I realised that I am not pushing myself and I also have concerns that I may be doing the incorrect form which can lead to injuries. After 4 weeks of consistent strength training (something I didn’t used to do), I decided to hire Rachel Harling from UFIT. We have done 2 sessions plus a trial to date and I am very happy  with the challenges she put forth. It also helped that she’s a warm and chillaxed person.

This week, I also did a muscular skeletal assessment with Mathias Puhr from ProPhysio. I am glad to report that I have good range of motion generally and the key thing I need to work on is my shoulder mobility and tightness in my pectoral muscles. That explains why I can’t do a V-shape in my downward dog movement and also my rounded shoulders. With GMB Fitness videos, I look forward to improving my flexibility on my tight shoulders.

The Running Typist

201801-JV Workouts Log

My workout log, Jan 2018

Click HERE to view the Jan 2018 workout log in PDF