Blog Post 3: Race Recap (10K Run for Hope) and Robert Marchand

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Letter Transcript

I ran my first race of 2018 today. It was the “Run for Hope” event to raise funds for cancer research. It was my 2nd time running this race but in the first one in 2016, I didn’t even know what running pace means, much less about running form. All I knew then was that it was a charity event that I put one leg in front of the other. Today felt vastly different. I ran well, keeping up with the 7:00 min/km pacers during the entire 10km. It was meant as a relaxing training run today, enjoying the scenery, the crowd and having Adrian running with me. It was what I call a happy run where the gun/net time didn’t matter. It felt really good to know that the run was to raise funds and at the end of the race, there is no medal.

I learned about this 106 year old French man, Robert Marchand, today. He’s fit a a fiddle and still cycles 10-20km per day on his stationery bicycle. He credited his outstanding physical form to plenty of exercises, loads of fruits and vegetables, not too much coffee and very little alcohol. These are all my struggles! I drink 2-3 units of alcohol a week and 1-2 cups of coffee a day! But if I can change up my diet and keep up with my exercises, I can lead a healthy and positive life – why not! I am very inspired and will need to take baby steps to change my diet.

Adrian and I jumped into the jacuzzi today after the run to soak up our tight muscles. It felt really good. Going to the jacuzzi always feels like play and puts a smile on my face. I need to do it more often.

The Running Typist


Finished 10K at “Run for Hope”, Singapore, 21 Jan 2018


I ran for my mom – she fought bravely till the end, Singapore, 21 Jan 2018


Source: Straits Times, 21 Jan 2018