Margaret River, Australia, Dec 2017

Singapore, Jan 2018

Letter Transcript

Hi there! I’m Jasmine from Singapore. I work in commercial real estate and I live with my husband and our Jack Russell Terrier, Schnubie.

In 2016, I started running. It came about as I wanted to do something defining at age 42 and I thought I would run a marathon (42km)! It was a crazy, radical and courageous plan because I went from zero running to finishing a marathon in four months. It is something I am very proud of achieving and since then, running has become part of my lifestyle. My husband is also running now and each time my friends visit from overseas (or when I visit them), we’ll always be bonding over runs. Running is also very much part of my travel plans now.

I started this blog to document my runs and races as well as travels. I look forward to being fit and completing more miles as time passes.

The Running Typist