Blog Post 5: Happy Run with Sabrina + Ce La Vie Lunch

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It’s Sunday, the usual day of my typing and blog post on There’re two posts this week because I missed out the post last Sunday. But today is a really good day too – Sabrina is in town and we caught up again.

We last saw each other in London in November 2017. The weather was beautiful and we had a morning run at St James’ Park. Today’s run was a very different (and difficult one) for Sabrina. She literally jumped into Singapore’s “furnace”. This morning’s run was at a sweltering 28-30 degree celsius! I am very proud of her for finishing 5km at a good pace, the humidity notwithstanding but also that she barely slept since her arrival yesterday evening. That’s what I do to good friends who visit – I make them run when they are super jetlag! Only close friends do that.

London, 5 Nov 2017

St James’ Park, London, 5 Nov 2017

Pit stop during the run, Singapore, 4 Feb 2018

Pit stop during the run, Singapore, 4 Feb 2018

Adrian joined us for lunch at Ce La Vi at Marina Bay Sands. It was our first time there since it changed hands (from Ku de Ta). The lunch menu had a good variety but three of us decided to have the sea breem with red curry (which was delightful)! We also had spicy tuna sushi, pork/shrimp dumplings and a bottle of Cloudy Bay’s Sauvignon Blanc 2017. Really nice catchup about work, life and everything else under the sun. The windy gust started to howl and we thought it would be best to take some quick snaps before a possible torrential rain comes. We took some happy shots and also a video for Alan (who was just waking up in London time).

Ce La Vie, Singapore, 4 Feb 2018

Ce La Vie, Singapore, 4 Feb 2018

Sabrina, me and Adrian outside Marina Bay Sands' Ce La Vie restaurant

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, 4 Feb 2018

The three of us (plus Phoebe) balloted for the Royal Parks Half Marathon 2018 and we’ll know the results on 9 Feb. Fingers crossed, we’ll see each other again in Oct 2018 for the run.

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