Blog Post 2: Recap – Australia Trip, 23 Dec 2017


Letter Transcript:

Today is such a great day! It’s only the 2nd day of our arrival in Australia but felt we accomplished so much. I had a really good night’s rest, given that I completely KO yesterday after the flight and being out and about upon landing.

Breakfast at the resort was a great start. We sat outside with a view of the blue and turqoise green Indian ocean. After breakfast, we went for a trail walk from Cape Naturaliste to Sugarloaf Rock. The view was spectacular but there were so many flies! I got so caught up with swiping the flies with my hand (and later a small branch of small leaves) that I didn’t partake in the beauty of the place as much as I should. I told Adrian that we should run as I reckon heat and stillness attract the flies but not when we are moving with the wind in our faces. It worked and soon enough, we arrived at Sugarloaf Rock. They are towering huge rocks and we found a great place to sit and take in the deep blue sea, with our legs dangling off the boulder we sat on. Time stood still and we were in no great hurry to leave. There wasn’t any flies as the wind was strong.

Lunch was at Bunkers Beach House, a tiny cafe just 2km from our hotel. Thereafter we drove to Meelup Beach vicinity and  scaled some steep rocks at Castle Rock. The view from the highpoint was very rewarding and is apparently a whale lookout. On the descend, I slid and grazed my elbow. No big deal but I probably wouldn’t scale that high if I was on my own. A mis-step can be quite hairy!

We visited the town of Dunsborough thereafter and I misplaced my iPhone 8 in the public restroom! But thank goodness for iPhone’s emergency contact (where Adrian is the contact) and a very kind Australian janitor, I got my phone back. I just realised that he rang from his mobile (called Adrian), which meant that he made an international call just to reach him and made sure I got the phone! What a kind soul! I did give him a hug and said that this good deed will give him blessings but I think he deserved more. I truly hope God will bless him abundantly for being such a good person despite not having much in his life (considering that he’s a janitor).

One of the biggest highlights today is that Adrian enjoyed sitting/lying at the back of our Toyota RAV4 (it’s a SUV hatchback)! He finally realised that it is quite relaxing to do that with a splendid view from the car! We agreed to rent a campervan for my upcoming birthday and I am so excited! It’ll be a great test run before I set off on my own in Q3.


The Running Typist

PS Click on the first photo to see larger size photos in a slideshow


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